How to maintain gold-plated tableware

So you purchased luxurious and shiny gold-plated tableware and started wondering how to look after your new beauties? Do they need some special treatment to maintain the looks? The answer is yes! But do not worry, it’s not complicated at all, just a few simple things to remember! But more on those later, let’s talk about gold and gold-plating first.


Does the gold-plated tableware last forever?

Everybody knows that gold is a precious metal that stands out for living a long lifetime without altering characteristics. But does that mean that cutlery, dinnerware or any other gold-plated items we have will do too? I think you might guess the answer: it all depends on how we maintain them. Since plating is only a relatively thin layer of coating that adheres to the underlying metal, it may peel over if brushed too hard or left soaking in the water for days. But if handled properly, your gorgeous tableware will remain shiny and pristine for as long as you’ll need them. So here are all the things you need to know.


1. Keep gold-plated tableware out of the dishwasher.
Yup, I know that this one’s the hardest to follow, but it’s the most essential as well. Even though some manufacturers state that you can wash their gold-plated products in the dishwasher, resist the temptation! Dishwasher detergent is not a friend of gold-plated dinnerware and cutlery at all.


2. Wash it by hand, avoid soap and scrubbing.

First of all, it’s a good idea not to let food dry on the surface of your gold-plated dinnerware and cutlery. Main reason for that is kind of obvious: you will not have a hard time washing them later. The other and as important argument is avoiding acidic food being in contact with your goods, because acids might dissolve the plating.

Secondly, wash with water only. If washing with running water does not work, you can soak them in hot water for some time, but do not leave your precious ones there overnight! If you’re dealing with the really dirty ones, you can also rub them lightly with your fingers or soft fabrics, but do not use abrasive scrubbers, stiff brushes or aggressive techniques, otherwise you might leave scratches on the plating.

You want your beauties to look shiny and smooth after washing, so the last step is to avoid water spots when drying. There are two ways to do that: air-dry and polish with a soft cloth afterwards or dry with a towel instantly.

How to maintain gold-plated tableware: cutlery, dinnerware, glassware
3. Do not expose your gold-plated dinnerware and cutlery to direct heat.
Continuous heat can cause peeling of the plating. That means that your plated tableware should not be left near the heaters, stoves or fireplaces. You should also have in mind the direct sun exposure: if your gold-plated tableware is stored in a place where they are hit by sunlight for many hours of the day, it would be a good idea to find a dark and dry environment to store them instead.


4. Wrap it individually before storing.
If you are a total perfectionist and want to take an extra step, you can separate gold-plated objects when storing. Use soft fabric patches or flimsy paper to wrap individual pieces and prevent them from being in contact and potentially scratching each other. 
how to maintain gold-plated dinnerware and cutlery
Enjoy your gold-plated tableware!

Even though maintaining your plated cutlery and dinnerware requires more effort than just throwing them to the dishwasher, let’s face it - it’s not the most difficult task after all. And we all know that beauty requires a bit of a sacrifice. So let’s pull our best tableware out of the drawers and cabinets and make ourselves a celebration! If there’s no occasion, let’s make or think of one!

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how to maintain gold-plated tableware: dinnerware, cutlery,glassware



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